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Prosper Fuambeng

Managing Director, Advanced Analytics

Prosper Fuambeng brings over 15 years of experience in Advanced Analytics, Marketing Analytics, and Brand Analytics from companies spanning multiple industries, including 3M, Target Corporation, Realpage, JCPenney, AT&T, and Digi International. As an Advanced Analytics Researcher with a doctorate specializing in Business Intelligence and Customer Segmentation, he supports businesses in their growth journey by helping them adapt to the ever-changing needs of their customers.

He relentlessly explores innovative ways of solving business challenges. He is adept at developing robust analytics capabilities that inform strategic decision-making, enhance performance, and align critical functional areas with relevant KPIs. He takes great pleasure in delving into the market landscape and ever-changing customer behavior, employing quantitative and qualitative analysis to extract transformative insights to inform key business decisions. Ultimately, he aims to equip businesses with analytics-driven solutions that provide a distinct competitive advantage.

He revels in spending quality time with his family, fearlessly exploring the world, avidly learning about the stars, ruthlessly crushing opponents in Scrabble, and boldly watching movies.

Prosper is based in Prosper, TX, and serves his community as a licensed real estate agent.


Yvette Fuambeng

Director, Medical Claims Consulting

With over a decade of clinical experience in acute healthcare, hospice care, and home healthcare organizations, Yvette has the expertise to provide valuable insights and evidence-based recommendations that drive operational efficiency and improve patient outcomes.


Yvette's focus on holistic health management ensures that patient care remains at the forefront of her work. She understands that providing quality healthcare solutions involves treating the entire person, not just the disease. This approach has resulted in patient care and satisfaction levels that are unmatched.


Her proficiency in medical coding, MCG, InterQual, and healthcare analysis enables her to provide comprehensive solutions to her clients. She analyzes clinical and surgical records to ensure healthcare providers receive reimbursement for their services, which is essential for any healthcare organization to thrive.


Yvette's ability to analyze healthcare data and provide valuable insights has proven to be a game-changer in the healthcare industry. By identifying performance gaps and trends, Yvette can help healthcare organizations make informed decisions that improve operations and patient outcomes. With Yvette on board as your Clinical Review Analytic Consultant, you can be confident that your organization will achieve its goals while maintaining the highest standards of patient care. Don't settle for anything less than the best; choose Yvette as your Clinical Review Analytic Consultant today.

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